MEL Aviation Ltd

Based in Sudbury, UK, MEL Aviation Ltd acts as the group’s headquarters for the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of aerospace products. More Information

MEL Aviation GmbH

Based in Sudbury, UK, MEL Aviation Ltd acts as the group’s headquarters for the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of aerospace products. More Information

MEL Aviation Components Ltd

Since its inception in May 2013 MEL Aviation Components has become a leading supplier of aircraft rotables to airlines, maintenance providers and brokers. More Information

Linton Plastic Moulders Ltd

Quality assurance and monitoring is built into every aspect of our work. We can also provide quality plans, ISIRs, process capability studies and other inspection documentation. More Information

Arrowsmith Engineering and Consultants Ltd

We supply products and service’s which meet the quality and standards requirements of our customers in the aerospace, defence, space research, undersea and other specialised industries. More Information

Clement Clarke Communications Ltd

For over 65 years Clement Clarke Communications have been providing headset technology to many of the worlds Defence Establishments, Airlines and Air Traffic Control Centres together with many household brand names More Information

Laurence Walter Ltd

Laurence Walter LTD was formed as the business vehicle needed to partner The MEL Group global joint ventures. More Information

Laurence Walter Serbia

LWS was formed in 2006 to be the groups manufacturing centre and specialise in the machined components, fabrication, electro and mechanical assembly and being the groups Eastern Europe repair and overhaul centre for oxygen components, fire suppression and environmental systems. More Information

Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions

Situated in Norfolk Virginia USA, Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions (LWAS) specialise in the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of aerospace products. More Information

Flycom Ltd

Flycom Avionics is a world renowned manufacturer of noise cancelling communication systems for all open cockpit and closed cockpit aircraft. More Information

Jet Transport Actuators LLC

Jet Transport Actuators is an FAA Certified and EASA Approved Repair Station specializing in the repair, overhaul, and exchange of exchange of aerospace components and emergency equipment. More Information

HBS Electronics Ltd

At HBS modern newly equipped facility in Medstead Hampshire we offer the following services by our fully trained and vastly experienced team to IPC class 3 standards. More Information

Headset Services Ltd

Since its inception, Headset Services Limited (HSL) has served the needs of the Airline Industry by providing and servicing Pilot Headsets, Helmets, Radio and other communication devices. More Information

Trent Aero Engineering Ltd

Based in Nottingham UK, Trent Aero are experts in the manufacture of small / to production batch precision aircraft fabrications (light and heavy) in aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and other exotic materials. More Information

Sensorcom Ltd

Our complete understanding of ear anatomy, sensitivity, physiology combined with plastics, microelectronic design and assembly capability create a highly specialised product group engineered to address the growing need for hearing protection and communications in high noise situations More Information

Didsbury Engineering Co Ltd

Lifting high value loads... Working in confined spaces... Two areas of expertise that have enabled Didsbury to become a world leader in Civil Aviation Tooling, Defence ground support equipment & industrial health and safety products. More Information

Oldbury Engineering

For over 70 years, Oldbury Engineering Company Ltd has been supplying high quality ground support equipment and Aircraft production tooling to the UK Ministry of Defence. More Information

Redmayne Engineering LTD

Redmayne Engineering LTD is a well established privately owned precision engineering company specialising in the production of fine limit components for the aerospace and allied industries. More Information

EDS Engineering LTD

EDS engineering Ltd is a MEL Group company and operates within the Aerospace & Defence divisions, located in Chelmsford United Kingdom. More Information

C - Rayment

C Rayment Ltd is a precision engineering company that specialises in turning, milling, grinding, boring and welding, using a combination of hi-tech CAD design systems. More Information
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