Is Business Really That Difficult?
Thursday | 19. November 2015.
As 2015 draws to a close, I can't help but reflect on just how difficult business seems to have been made by both people and technology.
Is Business Really That Difficult?
My philosophy is simple for any business
  • Your first priority is a customer as without them you don't need buildings, people or computers.
  • When you have that customer you must deliver your product or service on time, to cost and with the right quality.
  • Get paid on time as cash is king.
Do all three of the above and you will have very happy customers and a successful business.

But what really happens in business?
The reality of business today is that it has become process driven to the point where it is strangled and can barely function. The overhead has gone through the roof as MRP systems become more complex and are not understood fully in many cases by the companies employees. The ratio of productive workers to support staff is often three to four times in favour of support staff and still big industry struggles to deliver on time.

So what are the answers?

Get back to the basics from the Chairman/CEO to the goods inwards department.

If the CEO doesn't get down on the shop floor and feel the business then it's doomed to failure.

How can you sanction MRP systems costing millions in big industry without knowing your business intimately with what makes it tick and special against your competitors.
Unless industry kicks back and challenges the MRP system, software developers and auditors, I fear we will all be driven down a spiralling road of ever increasing costs and inefficiencies that will inevitably lead to business failures.
My message is to keep business simple and your product/services affordable.
Take care of your customer as without him, you have nothing!

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