The MEL Group has a presence across the UK and Europe, and in both the east and west of the USA. This geographical coverage means that we continue to serve the needs of our customers, regardless of location.

LWS is the subsidiary of UK Company The MEL Group with the head office in Sudbury.

The company is located in Smederevo city, Serbia.

Company basic activity is manufacture of ground support equipment and aviation oxygen equipment.

Apart from primary mechanical processes as cutting, bending, machining welding and finishing, LWS does final assembling of GSE that includes installing of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components.

Regarding aviation oxygen equipment LWS produces various rubber oxygen hoses, pilot oxygen masks parts, therapeutical masks, sleeves etc.

Laurence Walter Serbia works under umbrella of parent company QMS.
Low-Cost Manufacturing

As part of The MEL Group’s commitment to an affordable high-quality offering, we have our own low-cost manufacturing facility in Smederevo, Serbia.

We specialise in labour-intensive work and use local craftsmen who we’ve trained in the UK. This ensures that we maintain our industry-leading standards of workmanship, while minimising the costs involved.

We are also able to deliver on time, as well as cost-effectively: road shipments from Serbia take just 72 hours to arrive on the UK mainland. This contrasts with the high cost of air-freight, and the much longer lead-times – up to eight weeks – required when sourcing and shipping by sea from the Far East.