John Bedford, Head of Group Finance<
Looking For A Hat Trick

‘I have always loved the game of football and believed that this global phenomenon brings people together all around the world’

John was born in Ipswich and has lived in Suffolk, often moving from one end of the county to another. After leaving college he immediately began his career in accounting and finance, working for local government authorities in Suffolk.

After moving to Sudbury in 1996, his services as an accountant was required by a local plastics manufacturer which was the change from local authorities he needed at the time.

‘I first noticed the MEL AVIATION logo on AFC Sudbury football shirts and soon realised that this was the company that I wanted to work for It was a well known fact that MEL Aviation was one of the best companies in our region and highly admired by the community and financial sectors’

‘I started refereeing in the late 90’s and it introduced me to many people in the Sudbury area that were employed by MEL Aviation. I kept my eye on that logo and any opportunities arising at MEL Aviation in the finance department’

1998 was the year that John joined MEL Aviation, as soon as the opportunity was there he quickly applied ,was interviewed by Gary Harvey CEO of The MEL Group as it stands today.

John Bedford 1-0 ! Got the job that I always wanted’.

Heading a small team of 2 to 3 people I managed MEL Aviation Finances becoming even closer to many of my footballing friends that worked for MEL that played either for AFC Sudbury or other local clubs.

22 years later JB is still at MEL Aviation or now known as The MEL Group, heading a team of 20 accountants and managing the finances of the 16 companies within The MEL Group.

‘It all started in 2006 when the Owners decided to transform the company into a large group. I understood the vision set by the owners and was very committed to making this a success’

1998 turnover £10 million
2020 turnover £60 million

This made it 2-0

‘It has been a privilege to have been at MEL for 22 years. They say that ‘ The team with the best players wins ‘. My team and I are looking to make it 3-0 as the hat trick will be completed very soon at £100 million turnover’