Marta Kurjata-Smiley, Contract Support Coordinator at The MEL Group, Sudbury
From model aircraft to the real thing

Marta, daughter of an officer in the Polish Air force has always had a passion for all aircraft. As a child Marta would build many different types of model aircraft with her father and he was keen to pass on his knowledge about all the various types of military and commercial aircraft that where flying all over the world.

After completing her Project Management MBA in the US she decided to move to the UK with her partner, an aircraft engineer.

"Looking to find employment in the UK was not easy. At the time I knew I would have to take things step by step,work hard and wait for the right opportunity to arise"

Marta started working at Strikes Sudbury's Bowling Centre as commercial manager. She became a valued member of the team.

" My company Strikes happened to be right next door to The MEL Group HQ. I often thought how great it would be to work for The MEL Group as this is a leader in the aerospace engineering world"

The Mel group was looking to expand its manufacturing facility, CEO Gary Harvey approached the owners of Strikes and very quickly a deal was struck for the acquisition of the premises that would add capacity to the operation in Sudbury.

" I was very pleased to meet Mr Harvey and once I explained my passion and desire to work for a company such as The MEL Group, I was offered the position as Contract Support Coordinator. This was the opportunity that I was waiting for and I took it"

Marta has shown good skills in Project Management and The Mel Group is pleased to have such passionate employees such as Marta.

" Its an amazing feeling, to have built model aircraft as a child and now I'm part of a team that repairs overhauls and manufactures components for the real thing".