Mick Bromley, Goods In / Despatch / Transport Supervisor
Europe – Like the back of my hand!

Mick Bromley, The MEL Group transport supervisor

Mick was born in Sudbury and loves the area and his job! He joined MEL Aviation in 1996 working as the UK’s most enthusiastic despatch driver. For two years Mick drove all over Europe transporting goods from country to country.

It was a great experience to travel around Europe meeting the company’s many and varied customers and building relationships with them.

The MEL Group is dedicated to customer service. It is our priority to ensure that deadlines are met, customers are kept up to date and products are delivered of the highest quality.

Now as supervisor of goods in, despatch and transportation, Mick enjoys the responsibilities, challenges and diversity that comes with the job. Mick is fully qualified to the standard required for the transportation of dangerous goods throughout the world by all modes of transport incorporating road, sea and air. This ensures the safety of all equipment that leaves MEL Aviation.

His many sporting interests have connected him with the Chairman, Managing Director and other employees. Mick and a team of 9 others at MEL Aviation took part in the iconic 54 mile cycle from London to Brighton, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. MEL Aviation sponsored the team, providing them with t-shirts and transportation to and from the event.

Mick is a valued employee. The MEL Group would like to thank him for his participation inside and outside of work, and for his loyalty to the company.