Product Support
Friday | 15. January 2016.

Through life and beyond product support is one of the hardest challenges for the manufacturing industry.
Product Support
Companies reliant on third parties in their supply chain may make themselves vulnerable to a weak link in the provision of true product support.

It’s not that a product cannot be manufactured or supported but with the growing trend of acquisition within industry, some products no longer fit the new owner’s portfolio.

We at The MEL Group pride ourselves on supporting our total product range that we have designed, acquired or manufactured.

Gone are days of companies and their products always being available. To this end we endeavour to design and produce products that circumvent obsolescence. There needs to be a fundamental change in product support within the aerospace and defence industries.

Customers deserve a better deal and total support on the products they purchase.

Our aim at the MEL Group is to deliver this support and I believe that’s why you can trust us with your projects. We believe in the design, manufacture and sustainability of our products. Thus enabling us to offer you the customer the total support you expect and deserve.

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