Portable Oxygen Cylinder 3552 Series

This section describes the components and operation of the 3552 Series Portable Oxygen Cylinder Assemblies (POCA)




TASK 35-35-52-870-801

1. General
This section describes the components and operation of the 3552 Series Portable Oxygen Cylinder Assemblies (POCA). lnformation about part numbers and how to order Portable Oxygen Cylinder Assemblies is also presented in this section. Refer to Figure 1 for an illustration of a typical POCA.

The POCA is a self-contained, regulated, high-pressured oxygen source that supplies oxygen to crew members and/or passengers. Each POCA consists of a cylinder on which a manually operated regulator is installed (Refer to Figure 1), Cylinders have a thin walled seamless aluminum alloy liner (6061-TO) reinforced by carbon fiber in epoxy resin base wrap, with S-glass in epoxy resin overwrap, and polyurethane top coating. Cylinders identified as 4, 7, or 11 cu. ft. have a rated service pressure of 1850 psig (12.76 MPa). Refer to Table 3 for cylinder capacity. The cylinder is qualified to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) and Canadian Transport Commission (CTC) requirements.

The regulator is a single inlet device that has a low pressure outlet assembly, low pressure safety relief valve, high pressure safety valve, and cylinder refill fitting. The regulator is configured with a high-pressure gauge to monitor oxygen pressure in the attached cylinder assembly during regulator operation or cylinder refilling.

The regulator has a flow switching device that allows a user to manually control oxygen flow to a passenger mask. High pressure oxygen is always applied to the high pressure section of the regulator.

When the on/off knob is turned to place the regulator in one of two flow positions (2 lpm or 4 lpm), highpressure oxygen in the cylinder is reduced to low-pressure oxygen and supplied at the low-pressure outlet of the regulator.

3552 Series Portable Oxygen Cylinder Assembly Figure 1

TASK 35-35-52-870-802

2. Leading Particulars
The leading particulars for the 3552 Series POCA are shown in Table 1. Leading particulars and weight data are subject to change without notice.

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