Refrigerator Type AR3020E

The AR3020E** refrigerator is intended to be used in transport aircrafl, for the storage offood, drink, or other heat sensitive material.



1. Description

A. The AR3020E** refrigerator is intended to be used in transport aircrafl, for the storage of food, drink, or other heat sensitive material.

B. The refrigerator thermostats are set to control within a predetermined range of 0° to +4°C when used as a refrigerator and nominally -10°C when in the freezer mode.

C. The refrigerator is an all-metal construction, comprising a refrigerated cabinet mounted on a bottom frame, which provides housing for the condensing unit.

D. Four main attachment points are located in the base. There are also two spigots at the rear of the refrigerator.

E. The condensing unit includes the compressor, condenser and associated electricalielectronic modules. Access to this equipment and the cooling fans is via removable panels.

F. The front access panel, on the bottom frame, has two louvered areas. Cooling air is drawn in via one louvered area, circulated around ihe condensing unit components and dumped out from the unit via the other louvered area.

G. The refrigerated cabinet has a double skinned structure, manufactured from aluminium alloy (159) and the cavity between the skins is filled with a non-flammable foam insulation material.

H. The door is also double skinned and filled with insulation between the skins. A primary paddle latch and secondary latch are fitted, complete with a silicone rubber closing seal around the door frame.

l. One pair of runners atlached to the walls of the refrigerated cabinet can accommodate a storage basket or shelf.

J. The unit on/off switch and pre-set temperature (chill/freeze) selector switch are mounted on to the front access panel.

2. Operation (Figs 1 and 2)

A. Ensure that a suitable 200V 3 phase 400H2 supply is available and connected to the unit.

B. 200V 3Ph 400Hz is fed via Filter Module M6 and Fuses FSA, FSB, & FSC to Relay A/3 on the Transformer Unit. Phase A is fed directly to SW 1 (ON/OFF).

C. Operation of SW 1 energises Relay A/3 and feeds all three phases to Transformer T1 input.

D. Transformer output is routed to the 3Ph Rectifier Unit (D1) on the MEU. After full wave rectification a nominal 28Vdc is available for Compressor and fan operation.

E. The 28Vdc supply also supplies the CHILL/FREEZE Thermostats (SW3 & SW4) Selection Switch (SW2) and Fan F1.

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