Trash Compactor 3210-Series

The compactor is a self-contained trash compaction system designed to fit in the cart recesses of an aircraft galley




A. General
The compactor is a self-contained trash compaction system designed to fit in the cart recesses of an aircraft galley. The compactor is retained in the galley by existing cart retention devices and operates independently of other galley components. The unit is dependent on the aircraft galley system for source of electrical power. The compactor is used to reduce the size of all types of trash normally accumulated during in-flight meal and beverage services. Refer to Figure 1.

B. Control Panel
The control panel is located on the front of the compactor unit (refer to Figure 1 , Sheet 2). The control panel includes Power On switch, Power Off switch, Compact switch, Clean switch and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Control switches and display will be described below:

(1) The Power On switch controls the compactor electrical power source. When the Power On switch is activated, the LCD will illuminate and display an instruction or message.

(2) The Power Off switch also controls the electrical power source, When the Power Off switch is activated, the LCD will be extinguished.

(3) The Compact switch controls the actualtrash compaction cycle.

(4) The Clean switch located behind hinged cover marked "ground service only," controls Clean mode. (Refer to CLEANING for cleaning instructions.)

(5) The Liquid Crystal Display provides information that includes operation instructions, exception message and warnings.

C. Main Door
The main door is used to access the compaction chamber during each removal and installation of the trash box. The door has a magnetic sensor that signals the control board every time the  door is opened. To open the front door, pull the main door latch handle located on the right hand side of the door.


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