TYPE 102 Mk 2BA Life Jacket

The TYPE 102 Mk. 2BA inflatable lifejacket is intended for use by adult or child survivorson commercial aircraft.



1. General ( FIGURES 1.4 and 5)
The TYPE 102 Mk. 2BA inflatable lifejacket is intended for use by adult or child survivors on commercial aircraft. lt will provide sufficient buoyancy to force the wearer, even if exhausted or unconscious, into a correct (face upward) flotation attitude within a matter of seconds and will maintain the wearer in that attitude.

NOTE: Tie tape webbing lifejacket manufactured prior to 18/10/01 are CAA and FAA approved. Tie tape webbing lifejackets manufactured post 18/10/10 are CAA approved only..

The lifejacket is manufactured from lightweight, polyurethane-proofed nylon fabric. The fabric panels are joined by welding. The fabrlc colour for the passenger version of the lifejacket is Spanish yellow, the colour of the crew version is international orange. Some variants are fitted with hood and visor.

The main components are:
A. Buoyancy chamber.
B. Gasinflation system.
C. Oral inflation valve and tube.
D. Waistbelt type harness (For adult and child).
E. Water-activated sealight.
F. Whisfle.

The lifejacket is worn around the neck and secured to the wearer (Adult or Child) by the waist belt harness. lt is inflated with CO2 from a cylinder fitted to the front of the lifejacket; the oral inflation tube is used fortopping up pressure, oras an alternative method of inflation.

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