Sharon Mills, Shipping and Trade Compliance Manager
Around the world in 24 hours

Sharon was born in East London and moved to Belchamp St. Paul in 1996. Sharon is married with two children.

After joining MEL Aviation in 2001 as Logistics Administrator, Sharon has progressed to her current position as Shipping and Trade Compliance Manager. Where she manages the movement of products around the world every day.

Back in 2001 there were few controls and regulations – and things were very different at that time.

We used milk floats to transport goods around the various MEL sites located in Sudbury. Since then we have consolidated into one building which has greatly improved efficiency and communication.

Today and into the Future

Today, Sharon is responsible for the import and export of goods worldwide. She has witnessed MEL Aviation expanding into a major international business. Sharon ensures that the company constantly adheres to the many customs regulations and audits required to meet global safety standards.

Sharon has seen many changes throughout her 15 years at MEL Aviation.

Global events have altered the way we now operate in international markets. Security has improved as a result.

Sharon enjoys the challenge of her global compliance role. She helps to meet customer’s requirements and deadlines. Whether goods are hazardous, military or civil, Sharon will get them to their destination without delay!