The MEL Group has over 45 years of experience in aerospace design, manufacturing and engineering. We are a Tier 1 supplier to many OEM fortune 500 companies. Our civil airline customers include British Airways, BMI, Monarch, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic while the UK Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems are among our military customers.

We design and manufacture ground support equipment and airborne components, we are experts in precision machining and specialist fabrication too, and have a Level 2 clean room facility at our headquarters in the UK. We use this for the assembly, cleaning and packing of oxygen parts and components, and for the testing of critical components using pressurisation and vacuum techniques.

The MEL Group has over 45 years of experience in aerospace design, manufacturing and engineering.

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To substantiate our status as a total engineering solutions provider, we cover the full life cycle of components, products, and finished equipment. This means we have expertise and experience ranging from research and development through to repair and overhaul, as well as the logistics associated with imports and exports.

In addition, we have the required quality and manufacturer approvals in North America and Europe. In the USA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifies our safety equipment repair shops, while our operations in the UK and Germany meet European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards.


The MEL Group has supplied critical components to the civil aerospace industries for over 40 years. We have built up relationships with companies within the precision-critical sectors over many years. We have manged to dedicate our facilities for the design of high precision tooling, machined parts, fabrications including rubber, plastic, PCB and electrical assemblies.

Our fleet modern and state of the art machinery have the capabilities and quality standards to produce components to exact requirements. Our inspection facility provides component traceability.
Our DAOS approval can be downloaded here.


The MEL Group supplies, exchanges and manages rotable components for the commercial aviation market and has particular expertise in supporting Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Our rotables service operates from a large and well equipped facility at Shoreham airport in Sussex. As well as allowing us the space to offer nose-to-tail support solutions, this location gives us fast, easy access to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports.
Because our AOG support desk is open every day 24/7, we’re always helping the world’s aircraft to get off the ground and start flying again – as quickly as possible. This requires our full-hearted commitment and flexibility, as explains why our customers choose to come back to us repeatedly.


The MEL Group has specialised in the repair and overhaul of civil markets since 1973. We have accreditations with all of the required industry bodies, and represent a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – including B/E Aerospace, Winslow Liferaft Company and Switlik. In addition, we service the products of OEMs ranging from AOA to Zodiac Group and operate to a minimum standard turnaround time of five days.

Our 24 hour aircraft on ground service provides nose-to-tail support every day of the year.


We have over 45 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE). Our GSE range includes gaseous, hydraulic, electronic and cryogenics. All of our equipment designs meet the appropriate European Union standards for the global market place, including the:

• CE Mark – declaring that the product meets the requirements of the applicable directive.
• PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) – relating to pressure vessels, piping, safety valves and assemblies subject to pressure loading.
• ATEX Directive – regarding the equipment and work environment allowed when operating within an explosive atmosphere.


In an industry where safety is paramount, The MEL Group excels at providing individually tailored communication products to meet the ever-increasing demands and technological developments of the airways. As a group we have created a range of products and solutions for general and civil aviation, as well as air traffic control/management that combine the latest communications technologies with reliability and comfort.

We are a world renowned manufacture of noise cancelling communication systems for all open cockpit and close cockpit aircraft. We provide high quality integrated flying helmets, intercoms and radios for all Microlight, Ultralight, Autogyro, Paramotor and general aviation aircraft.


The MEL Group has a depth of experience and knowledge supporting major airlines in the repair, overhaul and exchange of their safety equipment. We operate to a minimum standard turnaround time of five days. This is to ensure we constantly keep planes flying worldwide.

We have a dedicated team who strongly believe that the safety of all airline crew and passengers is imperative from take-off to landing. As a group we have a vast range of capabilities including but not limited to evacuation systems, oxygen equipment and fire suppression.


The MEL Group repairs a variety of galley equipment including fridges, freezers, trash compactors and trolleys. The quality of the catering equipment adds value to the inflight experience. It is imperative that passengers travel in comfort, especially on long haul flights.

With limited space on an aircraft, trash compactors make it possible for the aircrew to process rubbish quickly and efficiently. We can ensure that your galley equipment is overhauled and repaired to the highest standard, allowing the airline to provide a first class service.


The MEL Group has been hugely successful in managing the repair and overhaul of customer’s waste systems. This includes toilets, valves, pumps, filters and separators, waste tanks and water tanks.

Our devoted team will guarantee your equipment is 100% reliable, ensuring safety on all flights. It is vital to make sure the water and waste control systems are protected from any damage which could cause danger in the cabin.