The MEL Group has seen continuous growth in our industrial division over the past decade. We believe that our knowledge and experience gained within our military and aerospace divisions should be past down and penetrated through to our customers in our industrial division and its products. 
Quality standards, processes and technology used in the aerospace and defence divisions will enhance the quality and performance of industrial products, manufactured in our low cost manufacturing centre of excellence in SEE. We provide excellent quality and bottom line savings.[citat]Samples and prototypes are made or designed in the UK in parallel with our training and skills programs, once mastered are then moved into our low cost manufacturing facility, produced and shipped to our customers globally.  


The emergency services provide all countries with a remarkable service and assistance and in many cases risk their lives for the citizens of that country. The MEL Group provides equipment needed to support emergency and security services worldwide.

As a specialist manufacturer of miniature and sub-miniature communications devices, offering a wide range of in-ear wireless earpieces with custom fit models available if required.

We offer a wide range of In-ear headsets, headphones, acoustic tubes, drivers, helmet sales and repairs for security, safety personnel and public order operations. We can also repair/overhaul safety equipment for helicopter namely Air Ambulance and Police Air Support. Our products are designed and tested to withstand the world’s most hostile conditions and survive.

A range of hearing protection that is fully CE 352-2 compatible and can be either attenuating with acoustic filters or full blocking for extreme noise areas.


The MEL Group provides state of the art communication devices to the building and construction trades, emergency services and the motorsport and broadcast industries. We have the capability to design, manufacture, repair and distribute headsets, helmets and radios. While providing our customers with clear and concise communication, we have a range of hearing protection with built in quality communication.

Everything is manufactured with absolute accuracy ensuring that comfort is a priority when wearing for long periods.

Discrete and comfortable earpieces are a requirement for all modern day broadcasters. Presenters, commentators and other production personnel all need to use earpieces for IFB (Interruptible Foldback) communication.


The MEL Group has many years’ experience and in-depth expertise in the manufacture of automotive parts, including non-metallic. We have the capacity to take on large orders in our well-equipped manufacturing facility, where our dedicated employees work day and night. Loom clips are one of the many automotive parts we manufacture within the plastic injection moulding industry.

We have a plastics design and tool-making service, as well as secondary operation and product finishing capabilities. Combined with our long-established knowledge of rubber moulding, this means we are able to design, manufacture and assemble almost all of our products in-house.


The MEL Group has the capability and experience using the latest Technology equipment to handle all your Electronic Design and Manufacturing needs. From one off prototype’s to full production runs and Box build we will deliver you quality products on time.
A modern newly equipped facility in Medstead, Hampshire offers the following services by our fully trained and vastly experienced team to IPC class 3 standards.

•    Surface Mount Technology
•    Through Hole Assembly
•    Mechatronics Assembly & Test
•    Box Build
•    PCB Layout and Design
•    Design for Manufacture, Technical Support and Procurement
•    Rapid prototyping and 24 hour fast turn round assembly