Defence makes up 50% of The MEL Group's total business.

The MEL Group is very proud  to work alongside our Armed Forces, supporting the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and our allies globally with product and engineering solutions. We have a clear understanding of our role as a supplier and partner in defence industries and we are honored to support the principal objectives of "defending the UK and its interests".

Defence makes up 50% of The MEL Group's total business, our knowledge experience and expertise has been built up over the years by working closely with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force with a "hands on" engineering approach. This has lead to The MEL Group being recognized by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), NATO and other operations as a modern and integrated solutions provider that always delivers the right products and services.


The MEL Group supply product and engineering solutions from large assault ships to small patrol boats. Knowledge and experience across the entire group has unleashed our full capabilities to all segments and products bespoke to surface ships, from communication systems including magnetic loop headsets and microphones to weapon loading systems, precision fabrications, sub-assemblies and state of the machining capabilities.
Our fleet modern and state of the art machinery have the capabilities and quality standards to produce components to exact requirements. Our inspection facility provides component traceability.
Our DAOS approval can be downloaded here.


The MEL Group has supported the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for over 40 years and we have achieved our goal in supporting our defence industry across all sectors, including submarines also known as the “silent service”.

Our Group’s expertise has delivered solutions and product to United Kingdom MOD submarines. In ear communication systems and headsets manufactured within The Group are well known products in this industry. Our capabilities have extended our reach into fire suppression systems, pressure vessels, gas management systems, light and heavy fabrications, precision machining including storage facilities (anti-spark and anti-magnetic).


Recognised by the Military Aviation Authority’s Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS), awarded to only 103 companies worldwide, The MEL Group is constantly improving its aerospace and defence offering and developing new products. We manufacture breathing equipment, weapon loading systems, mid-air re-fueling test facilities and much more.


The MEL Group is honoured to support Land Forces worldwide, including the supply of equipment to the Special Forces. It is our continued mission to provide the Armed Forces with reliable tools to enhance personal safety in challenging environments. We deliver state of the art hearing protection and communications, as well as personal protection from chemical to biological warfare.

This includes personal survival packs (PSP) and CBRND (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence) protection equipment, imperative for the protection of the Ground Forces in hostile environments.


The MEL Group is very proud to be involved in manufacture and repair of life support equipment in the defence sector. The significance of safety is paramount in the products we supply.

We have a vast range of capabilities including G-suit test equipment, dump valves and oxygen masks. We fully understand the importance of the quality and reliability that goes behind all life support equipment.


Whilst providing The Ministry of Defence with various product and support for 40 years we have continued to grow our portfolio of products and services in Light Protected Personnel Vehicles more commonly known as LPPV.

Our contract with the MOD commits The MEL Group to provide the LPPV fleet with obsolescence management, reverse engineering and total spares management.


The logistic support that The MEL Group offers is of paramount importance and plays a crucial role within our business strategy. We deliver thousands of products every day in the right quantity, in the right time, at the right destination, for the right price, in the right condition, to the right customer. Maintaining the supply lines for our Armed Forces plays a significant role in the results of our military operations globally.

A combination of inventory management and just in time techniques can provide solutions for our customers worldwide, whilst providing engineers and product specialists that can reach our customers around the world often in alien and hostile environments.


The MEL Group has a wealth of experience in both communications and electronics in the defence sector. Our communication devices play a vital role in the industries we serve, in many cases, quite literally making the difference between life and death.

That’s because we design manufacture, repair and distribute the headsets, helmets, radios and other communication devices that pilots, soldiers and crew (both airborne and on the ground) rely on. We understand the essential role military communication plays in warfare.

The importance of communication is crucial, the orders and instructions given by commanders to their subordinates must be clear and concise.