The MEL Group - component repair and overhaul
The MEL Group has specialised in the repair and overhaul of components for the military and civil markets since 1973.

We have accreditations with all of the required industy bodies, and represent a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – including B/E Aerospace, Winslow Liferaft Company, and Switlik.

In addition, we service the products of OEMs ranging from AOA to Zodiac Group and operate to a minimum standard turnaround time of five days. Our 24-hour aircraft on ground (AOG) service provides nose-to-tail support every day of the year.


For our commercial clients in civil aviation, such as Airbus and Boeing, we repair and overhaul the following equipment:

  • Oxygen cylinders, regulators and crew masks
  • Headsets, handsets and megaphones
  • Fire extinguishers for cargo auxiliary power units (APUs) and engines
  • Inflation systems, such as escae slides, life rafts, life jackets, cylinders and survival kits
  • Waste systems including toilets, valves, pumps, filters and separators, waste tanks and water tanks
  • Galley items including fridges, freezers, water boilers, coffee machines, trolleys and trash compactors
  • Emergency beacons, ballast units, handsets, headsets and miscellaneous cabin equipment



  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Oxygen regulators and crew masks
  • Headsets, ear defenders and communications
  • Fire extinguishers for cargo, APUs, engines, plus hand held bottles (Halon 1211/1301; water glycol)