Ken Ridgway, General Engineer
From Turner to Typhoon

Ken was born in Harlington United Kingdom and moved to Sudbury in 1993. Ken is married with two boys aged 17 and 19. After 25 years of employment with the company he has been awarded a Rolex wristwatch for his long service.

For many years I have worked towards advancing my skills and experience needed in order to build products for the aerospace and military industries. I am proud to be in the position to pass down my knowledge to trainees and supervise them on the shop floor.

The MEL Group provide training and advancement opportunities to help the right people make the right progress in their careers, it benefits both themselves and the company.

Loyalty and Attitude

Having the right attitude is one of the most important factors when working for a high profile organisation like The MEL Group.

I enjoy having a very close relationship with the Chairman and Group Managing Director as with all other employees who feel like family and this is a second home.

The MEL Group wishes to thank Ken Ridgway for all his years and service and we look forward to working with Ken in many years to come.