Radovan Trampa, Electrical Engineer at Laurence Walter Serbia
The sky is the limit

Electrical engineering has become a passion for Radovan since graduating and now he is able to share his knowledge and gain further experience within The MEL Group.

At a very young age Radovan would take screwdrivers from his father’s toolbox, take apart broken radios, alarm clocks and try and make them work again! In most cases there would be left over parts and a mess on the carpet. Nevertheless it was this desire to understand and learn that has driven Radovan over the years and has now become a well-respected electrical engineer within The MEL Group.

Watching commercial and military aircraft fly over the blue skies has always fascinated and intrigued me, stretching my imagination and fuelling my desire to work on such machines

Radovan recently joined The MEL Group and after completing training at The MEL Group HQ in Sudbury Suffolk, he has begun to work on a number of new projects including new build of commercial, military and aerospace headsets. The knowledge and experience gained will be passed on by Radovan to other engineers and assembly teams within The MEL Group.

Thanks to The MEL Group, I now have the opportunity to look into the sky as aircraft pass by and assume that there is an electrical component manufactured by The MEL Group and my team flying through the skies

The MEL Group is very proud of the team’s appreciation towards Radovan, and enjoyed taking him to London for his first tour of the city. We would like to thank him for all his hard work and commitment to the Group.


Radovan said enthusiastically, it was a great experience to walk among some of the top sites in London. I was incredibly impressed with all the beautiful architecture in the city