The MEL Group is delighted to announce the continuation of the Grace Spitfire sponsorship into 2016
The MEL Group sponsorship the Spitfire
The MEL Group continues the sponsorship of the Grace Spitfire

The sponsorship is part of The MEL Group’s ongoing commitment to keep the Grace Spitfire maintained and to support the excellent work of Britain’s only current, and most dedicated, female spitfire pilot.

Carolyn Grace was left the spitfire when her husband tragically died in a car crash just three years after the plane’s restoration was completed. Nick Grace recovered the World War II aircraft from a museum in 1979 and painstakingly rebuilt it over five years and flew the two seater at air shows throughout the UK. Carolyn Grace, who sat in the rear seat of the plane when her husband flew the post rebuild maiden flight, decided to cherish her husband’s memory by learning to fly the spitfire herself and gain an aerobatic and formation qualification. She has flown the Grace Spitfire at classic air displays for the past 23 years and her son Richard is now flying on the team too.

The MEL Group is gratified to support this truly wonderful icon of British aviation, the sponsorship will help towards keeping the Grace Spitfire airworthy and flying for all to enjoy. MEL Aviation carries out overhauls for historic aircraft components and has done for many years. It is important to keep those magnificent aircraft airworthy for generations to come.

This support helps to keep the much-acclaimed WW2 project flying.